Designing tools for 5,400 YouTube creators

Creator Now home dashboard that displays challenges, video submission, live stream, daily quests, and upcoming events

I joined as one of the first designers at Creator Now, an online education startup for aspiring creators. I worked with the 2 founders, product manager, and engineer closely to ship a variety of platform features and tools for YouTube creators.

Clan management redesign

A clan is a group of creators with similar interests or niche. There are over 100 clans on the platform. I redesigned the clan management experience for clan leaders to help them better manage and grow their clan.

Dashboard for clan leader to manage their clan
Before and after of the clan management dashboard
Onboarding popup that congratulates clan leader for creating a new clan


I worked with Jiaying Wang to refine the leaderboard and create the MVP of leagues. I created all the badges after countless iterations in Midjourney.

Leaderboard displaying top creators in the rainbow league
Leaderboard displaying top creators in the gold league
Badges and avatar ring for each of the five leagues - bronze, silver, gold, crystal, and rainbow
One of my proudest projects. Went through hundreds of iterations to get to these final five badges.
Rank of the five different creator levels which are bronze, silver, gold, crystal, and rainbow

Feedback Tool

It’s hard for creators to get feedback on their work or give feedback to others. I designed the MVP of the tool for creators to get feedback or “roast” other videos. It’s the most used tool on our platform.

Feedback page with options to give feedback, get feedback, or view feedback details
Individual video feedback page displaying timestamp feedback and relevant watch stats
Three mobile mockups of the feedback tool

Daily Quests

Daily quests encourages the creator to do a little of something every day. By doing so, they can get rewards and grow.

Three cards showing the beginning, middle, and end of the daily quest card
Home dashboard but all the other elements faded out except the daily quest card

Weekly Streaks

It’s hard to be post consistently as a creator. So, inspired by Duolingo, I designed the weekly streak badge and home page cards that changes based on the day of week.

Four weekly streaks each displaying a different color, message, and background based on the day of the week

Messaging + Call

The project that really pushed me UI wise. This was the first time I really focused on the details.

Messaging popup on the bottom right of the home dashboard
Full screen messaging showing a left panel displaying all the chats, a middle panel with the focused chat, and a right panel showing online and offline creators in the chat
Three chat popups displaying features: New messages, unpin messages, and new chat hover
Three chat popups displaying features: Tagging creators, new messages, and tagging popup
Video call on Creator Now messaging platform
First team call on the MVP video platform
A special one... Our first team call on the MVP platform

Creator Now x Yes Theory

Creator Now collaborated with Yes Theory to host a live cohort program. The goal is to ensure a seamless conversion for both non-members and members.

Payment page giving non members three options: Yes Theory cohort, Creator Now, and a bundle for both
In app popup promoting the Yes Theory cohort
Popup congratulating the creator for completing the Yes Theory cohort


Creators can refer friends to purchase the membership for the community. Morning Brew referral was a huge inspiration.

Referral page higlighting referral stats and different levels of rewards based on referral count