About “Guo”  🤔

A Quick Name Guide

To pronounce my name, it's "Woah" but with a G! 

Hi, I'm Guo!

I’m a product designer who loves creating simple and delightful experiences that solve problems for people and the business.

Currently, I’m a junior studying Engineering Psychology at Tufts University.

A recent picture of guo Guo when he was a baby

How I design


Intense attention to detail
With a fine arts background, I’m quite obsessed with visual design and making things look clean and beautiful.


Holistic thinker
But I’m not just focused on pixels. I like to think in terms of systems and architect the holistic experience.


Deep collaboration
I use my understanding of web programming to work effectively with cross-functional partners.


I like projects that go from 0 to 1 or end to end process. It’s always exciting to start something from scratch and learn from doing the project.


Metaphorically, I don’t need holding hands when working on projects. And I like to take responsibility and do the work. But I’ll definitely ask for help if needed.


Design rationale
I make sure that there's a reason behind every design decision and that I articulate it clearly to the stakeholders.

Fun facts

A view overlooking the city of Taipei

I was born in Taipei, Taiwan. I lived there for 18 years old until going to Tufts University 🇹🇼

Guo serving in table tennis

I used to play competitive table tennis. My dream was to play at the Olympics 🏓

Guo wearing his army uniform

I took a gap year during 2020-21 and completed four month military service in Taiwan  🪖

Guo performing in a singing competition

I’ve participated in a singing competition before. One of the most surreal experiences  🎤

Currently obsessed with...

Last updated: 9/3/22 😆

New Genesis (One Piece) - Ado

Everything Goes On - Porter Robinson

Playing God Unplugged - Tim Henson

Secret Sky 2021 - Porter Robinson

The Sixth Sense - Reol

Grand Escape - Weathering With You