My Journey

  • High school

    I got into architecture

    My first design interest was architecture. I was fascinated by all the different ways people interact with a space.

    • Closeup shot of a cardboard architecture model
    • Closeup shot of an office model
  • High school

    Got really into art

    But then, I realized architecture wasn't for me. So, I got 200% into art in high school. Seriously, art studio was my 2nd home.

    • Hoodie man spray painting a building with a smoky background
    • Concrete plastic bottle with plants
    • Glass box of a spaceship diarama
  • College

    Early days in product design

    Then, through a Tufts alumni, I learned about UX/product design! I was instantly hooked to its multidisciplinary nature. These were my early designs (Daily UI), and oh god...

    • Yellow popup to check in
    • Two mockups - one as an invitation page and another as a planner
    • Product page for a watch
  • Gap year

    Self doubt, pivot, and return

    I took a gap year during Covid 2020-21. At this point, I thought about not doing design and dabbled in music. Eventually, I came back to design because of a simple reason: I just love doing it.

    • Interface of logic pro x
    • Closeup shot of Guo singing to a microphone
  • Now

    Still going strong!

    Thus far, I’ve worked at Datadog, Roblox, Creator Now, and other wonderful companies as a product designer/intern. And I document my design journey through my new blog!

    • Group of people smiling in front of a camera
    • Group of people smiling on a video call
    • Banner for the blog called layers of design

I love to build

When I have an idea, I do whatever I can to make it happen. Check out what I’ve worked on: